This Privacy Policy provides you with information on how we collect, store and process data. We distinguish between personal and non-personal information. We do not sell your information or allow third parties to use your information.


Use of personal data

When you start Keep Track calendar or send an e-mail message to our support, e-mail address and conversation history are stored. This is the only personal information we store, and it helps us to improve our products, services, content and customer communications.


Use of non-personal data

Non-personal information is anonymous data that cannot identify a specific individual. This includes technical information as device information, program version and so on.

We can collect, store and use non-personal information. We can also combine personal and non-personal information to send feedback. The collection of non-personal data serves to continuously improve the program such as improving the performance and development of new features.

Keep Check Calendar uses the API Google Calendar API and Google Tasks to sync with Google Calendar. You can find their privacy policy here:

Our privacy policy may change over time. If this happens, we will publish the information on this page.